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Visitation is by appointment only. Visitation is conducted on Thursdays and Saturdays. Visits last for 30 minutes. Appointments can be made by calling 270-789-1909, Monday-Thursday between 9:00 AM-3:15 PM & Friday 9:00 AM - Noon. Each Monday, we begin making appointments for that week only. Inmates are allowed one visit per week, either on Thursday or Saturday, but not both.

  Rules For Visitation
  1. Two adults and two children per inmate may enter the visitation area. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Adult visitors should be prepared to show photo ID.
  3. Personal items such as handbags and cell phones should be left outside the facility as they are not allowed in the visitation area.
  4. Please dress appropriately when visiting.
  5. TCDC reserves the right to deny visitation to anyone who fails to observe visitation rules.

We hope that you enjoy your visit with your loved ones. Help us to keep everyone safe while you are here and follow the rules.



Bonds can be paid at the detention center at any time.

Personal Recognizance (ROR) - Your personal recognizance, provided that you promise to appear at all scheduled hearings, trials, or otherwise as required by the Court.

Unsecured Bond or Surety Bond - An unsecured appearance bond from you or your surety to be forfeited should you fail to appear as required by the Court. Surety’s must be a KY resident with a valid Drivers License or KY ID, be at least 18 years of age, employed, have no pending/convicted felony charges, and cannot be the Defendant/Co-Defendant in the case.

Partially Secured Bond - Cash bail secured by cash deposit of 10% of the deposit (but no less than $5) will be retained if you are found guilty and the court determines you have performed the conditions of your release. The entire cash bond will be forfeited should you fail to appear as requested by the court.

All payments of bonds must be in cash with exact change. Bonds over $10,000.00 cash or above and Property Bonds will have to be made in the Circuit/County Clerk's office depending on case.

Weekenders - Anyone sentenced to serve weekends will be charged a booking fee the first weekend and will be charged a housing fee for each day served.


All programs at the Taylor County Detention Center are structured to create an environment for positive change in the offender's life, so they can better serve the community as productive citizens when released. A variety of class options is offered and often include GED classes and Life Skills.

Religious Services are conducted by community religious organizations.


Money in the form of a money order must be made out to TCDC/Inmate Name. MONEY ORDERS can be taken at the window inside the lobby from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. After hours, bring a money order and deposit in the box in the lobby by the window. TCDC reserves the right to apply 25% of deposits toward any fees owed by the inmate. Inmates will forfeit any remaining balance at the time of release to satisfy outstanding fees.

Pay to the order of: Taylor County Detention Center & Inmates Name
Sender or Purchaser:            Name              


Money Drop Off

Medical Services

Provided 7 days a week / 12 hours per day.





Total Cost

Off-site medical services are billed by the providers and inmates may be responsible for all costs.

$15.00 each extraction per visit. (Exams and fillings are not paid for by T.C.D.C.)


All mail is subject to be read and inspected, with the exception of privileged mail. Incoming mail should be address as follows:

Inmate’s Name
Taylor County Detention Center
120 S Central Ave
Campbellsville, KY 42718

A maximum of three sheets of paper are allowed per envelope.
Include a full name in the return address.
Letters to multiple inmates may not be mailed in the same envelope.

Photographs should be 4”X6” or smaller. Keep in mind, inmates may have up to 10 photos before a photo album is required. (Photo albums may be purchased from the commissary only. You may not mail photo albums to the detention center.) Any photos found in the inmate’s possession in excess of 10, that are not contained in an album, will be placed in the inmate’s personal property.

Any mail found to be unacceptable will be returned to sender.
Mail with the following will be returned: Perfume, lipstick, stickers, crayon, & paint.


Canteen items may be ordered between Friday at 5:00 pm and Tuesday at 9:00 am. Orders are passed on Wednesday. In-house items or “extras” may be ordered from Tuesday through Friday and will be passed as time allows. Funds can be added to an inmate's account by going to

To add money to phone accounts, please feel free to use the link below.

Inmate Sales



If you would like to order a gift package for an inmate please click on the logo below.


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